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Rent Our Sports Facility

At Overtime Sports Training Center, athletes and teams can practice and train year-round. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own protective gear, bats, and balls, as these are not provided or rented. Our practice field, batting cages, and performance gym can be rented for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. All rentals must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Practice Field Prices: $60 for 60 minutes; $90 for 90 minutes; $120 for 120 minutes*
Batting Cage Prices: $20 per cage for 60 minutes; $30 per cage for 90 minutes; $40 per cage for 120 minutes*

Indoor Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Practice Field

Practice Field

Performance Gym

Performance Gym

join our monthly REPZ  membership program

Our monthly membership packages provide individuals and families with unlimited class access to Little Sluggers, Speed & Agility, and Adult Strength & Conditioning.  **Must register in advance for all classes**

Members 15 years and older have access to weights and training equipment for self-guided workout sessions during designated Open Gym hours.

Membership Pricing per Month:  $80.00 for one family member; $120.00 for two family members; $150.00 for three or more family members.

Little Slugger

Little Sluggers


60-minute combination class for ages 10 & under.  Each class focuses on developing the fundamentals necessary to acquire the correct throwing, fielding, and hitting mechanics.

Little Slugger

Speed & Agility


60-minute class for ages up to 18. Each class focuses on developing speed and agility for athletic performance.   Athletes will increase ability to apply force into ground and absorb it while also improving their stride length and frequency.  Classes incorporate various drills such as sprinting, resisted sprinting. plyometric jumps, strength training, short area burst drills.


Adult Strength & Conditioning


60-minute-high energy class for adults.  Classes include either kickboxing and strength training or HIIT and Abs.  Each class is packed full of different exercises, delivering a complete body workout with a special emphasis on improving endurance and strength.


Softball & Baseball Lessons

Individual lessons allow athletes to receive personalized attention from an instructor. Each lesson can focus on hitting, fielding, or pitching and can be tailored to cover multiple areas of the game.

Group lessons are designed for 2 to 6 players at the same skill and development level and provide a competitive environment where the athletes motivate each other.

To schedule a lesson, a deposit is required, and the remaining instructor fees are collected before each session.


Periodic instructional clinics are offered to help athletes develop proper mechanics, techniques, and drills in hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, and base running.

Hitting Clinic

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To get further details on our facilities and equipment, reach out to our friendly staff today.