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Facility Rentals

Overtime Sports Training Center is designed for athletes and teams to practice and train year-round.  Our practice field, batting cages, and performance gym can be rented on 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute basis.

Overtime Sports Training Center
Practice Field

Practice field

Our 2,600 sq. ft. team training area has been uniquely designed to run an efficient practice. This space can be used as an open field or can be easily converted into up to three batting cages by utilizing the retractable panels.

Practice Field Prices*

$60 for 60 minutes
$90 for 90 minutes
$120 for 120 minutes

Batting Cages

Our three 14’ x 60’ batting cages are each equipped with a home plate mat that includes a batter's box, a pitching mat, and a hitting screen.

Pricing is based on 2 athletes per cage, additional charges will apply for rentals for more than 2 athletes.

Batting Cage Prices*

$20 per cage for 60 minutes
$30 per cage for 90 minutes
$40 per cage for 120 minutes

Batting Cages
Performance Gym

Performance Gym

Our performance gym is 2,200 sq. ft. fully equipped with training aids for teams to work on speed & agility as well as strength & conditioning.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice.